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I just punched myself in the face

It's been a couple of frustrating days, I don't even remember why besides I'm broke some more, but toNIGHT!
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix broke! Noooo!!!
I was at the theatre about an hour early, met up with Yvelle and her family, waited in line and exchanged a voucher for everybody's tickets, and sat down. This is after Eli took my car and drove down to Columbia City earlier that day just to buy tickets for us. I was sooo excited and kept talking to everybody else around us.
Then, a little into the movie, the screen goes dark. Sound still running. Awww, right? They get it back going okay after what felt like forever and we're all like THank GOD! But every 10 minutes or so, it kept going dark again for a few minutes. They said it was a bulb overheating and they couldn't figure out why.
Sooo, about half the theater left. Including me. And now I'm real sad.
Except that I can go see it tomorrow.
I'm going to go take a deep breath.

Hello from sunny Tucson

Wish you were here!


Oh yes they DID

Driving east on Denny today with Travis, Andrew, and Brendan, I stopped at the light just before it goes up and over the freeway, right? So we're staring at a billboard that has three rotating sides.
The first one has a giant picture of a baby that says "I can smile before I'm even born" or some anti-abortion message like it.
The second one is an ad for Bodies, the Exhibit.
The third one is for Shell gas that is supposed to keep your engine clean, shouting "stop gunk from building up!"
Our mouths were open and hanging, people need to stop and think! Like when they're deciding what three things to put on a rotating billboard. Jesus!

Nitehawk made me do it!

Ten things that make me happy:
sleeping in a sweatshirt
waking up in the morning and putting on clean clothes
mid winter break, having time offfff and not being behind on hours (for now)
gentle whispers of spring -except then I really really want summer so much it hurts and we have to wait until JUNE!!! Whyyyy???!!!!!
wearing Elijah's grey striped sweater
paying a cute busker in the market $5 to walk with us a couple of blocks, serenading us on the harmonica
when I remember to pay my parking ticket the day before I have to pay twice as much cause it's been 15 days
my sister stomping on the kitchen floor and yelling "PIZZA!!!!" at me downstairs cause she's feeding me dinner
not being overcome by fumes on the way back from Ikea from the back trunk being open cause the bookshelf is so long it sticks out...
taking a hot shower

it was a good day.


snow day #4

Another snow day! I'm glad I volunteered yesterday at the mlk rally and got a few hours, plus a giant tshirt! whoo! Maybe I can cut it up. It's nice to be stuck at home, where I can't spend any money.
I keep forgetting it's snowy out when I wake up, I think I'm ready for spring. And it's snowing right this minute. Elijah's house had robbins! You can't stop the robbins once they're here! If they fought the giant snow bunny in my front yard, I think they'd eventually win. Spring is inevitable. I should go take a nice walk in the snow before it's allll gone in the rain this afternoon. The light is so pretty.
It was really pretty this weekend too, Saturday at the arboretum felt like a snow day. So did that nice late start on Friday. Boy, what a lot of winter there is this year.


Happy New Yearrrrr

Beer, soon to be champagne, and an evening of Law and Order. What could be more debacherous?!


the car didn't have a merry christmas

Finally home. We had a nice sit on the side of the road for a while on the way back from my parent's house tonight, but now our huge masses of cookies are safely resting in the kitchen. I've had so much pie and cookies already, I don' t know if I'll make it... hopefully my sister's car will. For now, it's still in Mt. Vernon.
This year was kindof a Christmas reset. Nobody much prepared for it (no presents), but Anna made bagels and there was a nice tree. Loren forgot his guitar today so we sang acapella, enthusiastically and carelessly. Until Iris ran over and started yelling "done singing!!!!!" She didn't know the words.
We all wrote down Christmas things we'd like to do next year. Suggestions: Teasing Naomi (which had already been put into effect), the men cooking, my dad having to sing, making dioramas of Samish Island, other Very Silly things, and banning Alex from making his horrible duck face. Then he started making it and Iris copied him. Hilaaaarious/horrible. We got some good stuff laid out for next year though. We're going to have a white elephant! I can't wait. And officially divide the cooking so my mom doesn't end up doing it all like she does if we're not preemptive. Anna said I could make macaroni and cheese with frozen vegetables in it.
I stayed up too late reading, I got my ass beat in cards over and over, Marie's puppy is adorrrrable, and I managed to succumb to only one nap in that sleepiest of houses. Oh, and I learned how to knit again. I'm making myself an alpaca scarf. It's raspberry.
Elijah left with my phone, but I hope he'll give it back? nudge nudge fingers crossed.
I feel like I'm missing an arm! I'll have no idea what time it is when I wake up tomorrow! What luxury.

newish tattoo

in case you haven't seen it yetCollapse ) It isn't so blurry in person, really!

thanksgiving #1 plans

Tomorrow morning I'm skipping out on school, taking my live-in fam to the airport, and driving up north into the woods. I think my twinnie's house will be warm and I'm looking forward to petting her cats, I haven't been up since they moved in September. We're going to cook. I plan on cooking a lot while my house is empty this coming week too, I was thinking blueberry muffins. They're kinda the perfect breakfast.